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Visiting China to attend a trade fair can by very trying!

Visiting China is nothing like visiting nearby non EU, non Western countries, say Turkey or Morocco. While the Chinese are keen to have business visitors, their bureaucracy has to be recognised and worked with, and this may not be appreciated by many would be first time visitors. Before a Visa can be obtained, a formal letter of invitation has to be issued by a Chinese business to the individual wanting to visit. This letter has to show the visitor’s personal details and must accompany the official Visa application to the Chinese Embassy, together with other supporting data. English is not as widely spoken as one would expect , even the simplest task can be fraught with difficulty.

Canton fair (UK) ltd. undertakes to guide the applicant through the process.

You cannot get a Visa at the Chinese border, or on the plane, or at immigration.

Fair Accommodation

A 5 star hotel in Guangzhou is approx $350 US per night, and may not include breakfast. Therefore four nights in Guangzhou is already $1400 US, thereby approaching half our total price.

Unless you are fortunate to eat and drink safely if you are on your own, the option is to stay in the hotel, eat off the International Buffet and pay International prices for drinks.

By booking locally through our own office and staff we are able to enjoy very competitive prices and first class service in Dongguan. Dongguan is a lively cosmopolitan city , with a large ex patriot community and is therefore more comfortable for foreigners.

We stay in a 5 star hotel in Dongguan, which is an easy 50 min. ride to the Exhibition Centre. This hotel is close to our office and the Hotel’s personnel know us well.

What to expect in China

There is a wide choice of dining in the City, where we are regular patrons. Uniquely in China, there is a wide selection of Western style bars and clubs which are safe and friendly, and near to the Hotel. Plenty of shopping is at hand for essentials, gifts etc. Our favourite British pub is only 2 minutes walk from the hotel, with other restaurants and bars near by.

We fly into and out of Hong Kong and use dual plated chauffeured limousines for transfer to and from Dongguan. The drivers are familiar with the Customs demands to enter and leave China and will assist in making this as smooth as possible.

We provide limousines, not taxis, to and from the Exhibition. We provide personally reserved chauffeured cars from the Hotel to the Fair and return these are pre booked by our own staff and the drivers are familiar with our requirements, giving clients extra flexibility in schedules when needed.

Taking taxis in Canton Province is fraught with problems i.e. very few drivers speak any English. Many drivers cannot read Cantonese because they are from other provinces, so written instructions may be useless. Unless you have had proper instruction, attempting to speak Chinese is difficult.

We provide a Chinese mobile phone per client. This means that you can contact our Chinese staff at any time in case of any difficulty and also make and receive calls to and from the UK at local Chinese rates.

Assistance at hand to pilot clients through the complexities of the Fair Visitor Registration process.

What to expect at the fair

Our Chinese staff are on hand at all times. This facility provides many "hidden" benefits including;

Attending to the client’s special requirements. Checking bills and receipts, auto-teller cash, currency exchanges, personal extras at the hotel, buying presents, replicas and gifts etc.

Vetting potential suppliers details whom clients have contacted at the Exhibition e.g. is the contact a manufacturer or are they traders? Addresses verification. Checking the details provided to the client when they were at the Exhibition, ensuring these are an accurate translation etc.

A common pitfall is to accept a Potential Supplier’s offer to take clients to their factory, “which isn’t far away”. We can prevent any embarrassing misunderstanding in this matter. China is the World’s third largest country geographically; Guangzhou to Beijing is the same distance as Birmingham to Casablanca.

After the Fair

Our office in China is your office in China!

We can supply a follow –up service to assist you in getting the most benefit from your visit.

We can organise visits for you to see potential suppliers at first hand, with advice on all the costs, travel, translation etc. that would be involved.

There are many other exhibitions in China that may be relevant to you and that you may wish to also visit . We can provide a service to vet these and advise you on their content, costs involved and other relevant issues.

Come back again! We are always delighted to see our clients return. Let us know what other facilities you would like and we’ll do our very best to comply.

Tell us how to Adopt, Adapt and Improve!